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Work Permit

Register Company in Malaysia and apply Malaysia Work Permit as "Company Director" now and after 3 years, you are entitled to apply Malaysia Permanent Residence (Malaysia PR).

DP10 visa Malaysia, Malaysia Work Permit  From 15th April, 2014, Now you can apply DP10 work permit online DIRECTLY from Immigration website. Once you have registered your company with paid up capital (RM1 million PAID UP capital) for all lawful business activities and have arranged physical office with fixed phoneline and signboard permission (PBT), then NO NEED to hire any "Flying Agent". Simply register ONLINE on Immigration ESD website to apply DP10 Work Permit ONLINE.
But if register your company through such "Company Secretary" who does not know the immigration procedures and adds such activities in your company's Memorandum which require many licenses BEFORE applying permit and if you apply your Work Permit without getting the licenses as per your company's activities, then your Work Permit application can be REJECTED and your such company may become a "Total Loss" for you!. SO, always consult with professionals who understand Immigration procedures MORE than Company Registration matters!


or commonly known as DP10 visa/work permits are the top most category of the visa. This type of visas are issued to "Company Directors" and top level management in Malaysia. Professional Work Permit holder may apply Malaysian Permanent Residence after 3 years. The holder of such type of visa is also allowed to bring a Housemaid of any nationality. Government has established special 'Executive Lounge' at Immigration Department Putra Jaya to facilitate the investors. This is the reason, QADKAM always advise the Foreigners NOT to hire any agent for visa and urges the clients to go directly to the immigration department where they are treated true professionally. If you still feel any difficulty, QADKAM is always there to assist you.

QADKAM is one of the leading business consultancy company licensed by the concerned authorities to promote the business in Malaysia and to assist the people who want to explore their future in Malaysia. If any one who wishes to enjoy the best life style in Malaysia, the easiest way is to set up a local Sdn Bhd (Private Limited) Company.

Work Permits for Company Directors

For Employment in private and public sectors other than MIDA, MDeC, PSD, BNM and SC's jurisdiction, the applications for "Post Approval" are decided by the EXPATRIATE COMMITTEE (EC). Once your company is incorporated with minimum RM 500,000 paid up capital, you may apply the company director visa (Employment Pas/work permit). The procedure to apply Director's Visa is a very simple and NO NEED to go to any agent. After relocating with a tenancy agreement, you have to get a license from local council (PBT). For this license, you may contact QADKAM's experts to prepare necessary documentation. If all documents are properly filed, this license can be obtained within 3-4 working days. After obtaining the license, you may go directly to Immigration Department to submit the "DP10 Application" (Post Approval). The status of your DP10 Application can be accessed ONLINE at immigration department's official website. The official client charter of EXPATRIATE COMMITTEE (EC) decision on DP10 Application is 7 days only. After the DP10 approval, your work permit sticker can be pasted on your passport's page within 3 days.

DP10 visa Malaysia, Malaysia Work Permit  1-5 Years MTE Residence Pass Malaysia

The everbest category of Malaysian Work Permits!

Be Your Own Boss!
If you are an I.T Professional in your country and want to work freely in Malaysia and have finacial ability to carryon on your I.T business then "Residence Pass" is the best option for you. This type of Work Permit you can apply even from your home country. This is newly introduced Work Permit.

Requirements of MTE Residence Pass Malaysia

There are 2 categories of MTE Residence Pass.

1. New I.T Entrepreneur

If you are a new/fresh I.T Professional and don't have any track record of your I.T business even then you can apply 1 Year MTE Residence Pass under this category. This category is specially for Fresh I.T Professionals.
Under this category, you will be given 1 year Residence Pass. Below are the key requirements under this category:

i)- Business Plan
ii)- 3 months personal bank statement (minimum amount of RM50,000 but not limited to Malaysian banks)
iii)- Police Character Certificate (Certificate of Good Conduct)
iv)- Sponsor (Letter of offer from any Malaysia Digital Hubs or recognized partners).

2. Established I.T Entrepreneur:

If you are already doing I.T business in your country of residence and have business proof (tax statements, business contarcts etc..) and this is best option for you.
Under this category, you can also bring your immediate family members (Spouse, Children under 18 years of age and Parents). Below are other key requirements in this category:

i)- Business Plan
ii)- 3 months personal bank statement (minimum amount of RM50,000 but not limited to Malaysian banks) together with proof of business performance.
iii)- Police Character Certificate (Certificate of Good Conduct)
iv)- Sponsor (Declaration form from a Malaysian sponsor or an individual).

Process Time:
4 to 6 weeks

MTE Residence Pass Application Fee:

RM530 + QADKAM services charges.

Once your Application has been approved, you will be required to pay the below mentioned fee directly to the government together with Original Passports to get the Pass sticker on your Passport.

Process fee

Category No.1: RM 2120.00
Category No.2: RM4770

Immigration fee

Category No.1: RM 360.00
Category No.2: RM500

Multiple Entry Visa charges

according to country

Employment in Rest of All Other Sectors

For the Employment in all other sectors, prior approval of post is required from concerned authorized body.

Conditions on application through the Expatriate Committee (EC)

1.      The company on which you may apply work permits must have the minimum share Paid-up capital as follows:-






100% local owned

RM 250,000


Local and foreign owned

RM 350,000


100% foreign owned

RM 500,000


2.      Expatriate applicant must have university degree or more than 5 years relevant experience.

3.      Company activity must be one which is encouraged and promoted in Malaysia and benefit the people of Malaysia

4.      The minimum salary must be RM5000  a month and above.

Definition of Job Positions qualifying for Expatriate Professional work permits:-

These are high level (1st level) managerial posts in foreign-owned private companies and firms operating in Malaysia . Key posts are posts essential for companies to safeguard their interests and investments. The expatriates are responsible in determining the company’s policies in achieving its goals and objectives.

Example : Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, General Manager, Technical Director, Production Manager, Project Manager Or Factory Manager


Executive Posts


These are intermediate level (2nd level) managerial and professional posts. The posts require academic qualifications, practical experience, skills and expertise related to the respective jobs. The expatriates are responsible for implementing the company’s policies and supervision of staff.  


Example : Management Functions Such As Marketing Manager, Logistics Manager, Investment Manager And Quality Control Manager, Professional Such As Chief Engineer, Engineer Manager , Lecturer, Doctor, Architect etc.  


Non-Executive Posts


These are posts for the performance of technical jobs that require specific technical or practical skills.


Example : Welder, Mould Maker, Tool & Die Maker, Manufacturing Systems Designer, Food/Nutrient Technologist, Fashion Designer, Specialist In Furniture Design & Ergonomics, Heat Setting Technician, Sewing Specialist, Craftsman/Engraving And Product/Flavouring Specialist

The chances of a successful application will be assessed on the criteria as follows:


Company share of equity


Company activity


Availability of local workforce


The appropriateness of the scope of the job in relation to the company’s activity


Minimum monthly salary to identify whether the application is an expatriate or a foreign worker


Age and working experience of expatriate, i.e the applicant is of an age suitable for the post and has the working experience


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March 5,2016; Malaysian Government tightens Visa Procedures, Launches "Immigration Security Clearance System

From July,2015; You can apply DP10 Work Permit ONLINE on ESD Immigration website.

Apply Malaysian PR after 3 Years

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APEC Travel Card for Businessmen

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